Day 15: No Words

Some days you have to just laugh at yourself. Today I performed in the students vs teachers “rap battle”. Yep, that is as bad as it sounds.  I only agreed to do it because it’s so hard for me to say no when awesome students need something and ask me. I didn’t know the opposing student rapper, and apparently you are supposed to “burn” them.  I guess I should have expected that as it IS called a “battle”.

I’m always loudly singing and dancing. And I have even been called a little crazy.  But I don’t really like to “burn” people, especially a student I don’t even know.  So we went a different route.  It probably wouldn’t have been too bad but in addition to not actually rapping, we also forgot the words.  But I’m still glad that we went the way we did.  I would never do this again (I’ve learned a great lesson in saying NO – even to students).  But if I had to do it all over, I would still go the same way.

The best part was how awesome my students were. They either said nice things or told me the truth. Either way, they made me smile and even laugh. I really love them for that.  Thank goodness I don’t embarrass easily!

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